Avi Barrigan Speaks Up About How SUMMER LEAD Program Helped Her Realize She Does Make a Difference

The experience I had with lead was one of the most memorable in my life. They offered me so much and I benefited from the program more than others benefited from me: I made good friendships and had my first job experience. I learned so much, but the one thing that stuck with me most were the leadership classes.

Because it gave me a broader view of my community, this class stood out from all the other classes the program offered. LEAD helped me realize that I do make a difference, and I always can make a difference through the little things I do.

The program may seem like a simple first job experience, but it’s much more.  I could see that through all that Bay Shore ministries was doing for us: like taking us out to visit colleges or preview career options. They weren’t just giving us a few worthwhile classes, or a jobs for a few lucky teenagers, they were building up this community, 12 teenagers at a time.

– Avi Barrigan (Summer LEAD student in 2011)