Our Mission

To build leadership, character, families, and faith in the youth of East Palo Alto and the Belle Haven community through positive sports programs at all levels of play.

Our Focus

RYAA is a faith-based, non-denominational organization. RYAA began with a very successful recreational and competitive soccer program, and continues to expand its sports offerings. However, we do not see sports as the end-result, but rather a means to create relationships that will mentor, teach and encourage the participants in our programs.

Critical to our success are our church partners. RYAA is a positive, uplifting place for church members to put their gifts and talents to work. Local churches have benefited from the relationships that form between volunteers, children and parents. East Palo Alto has many churches, and a rich tradition of Christian faith and Christian activism which we foster and encourage.

Another focus of the RYAA is to work with the city and school district to maintain current sports facilities, expand the facilities, and to make them more accessible to the community.

For more information please visit our website.

One thought on “About

  1. Greetings in Jesus name from Bhaskaran. This is Bhaskaran an athlete and basketball player and a coach. The lord gave me a vision of sports ministry while I played with a team in a north eastern state of India , Sikkim , a match with the Indian army team. At a very young age God chose me for using sports as a tool to reach and teach the youth. Under my earnest guidance the sports ministry is being carried out in nearly 15 states in India and the other neighboring countries.

    Type of ministries;

    (1)We are covering 4 C’s like Camp Ministries, Campus ministry, Coaches ministry and Community ministry

    (1) Camp Ministry: The camp ministry is organized for 1 day or 3 days in various disciplines. The invitation is given to both the believers and non-believers. The coaches from various disciplines ( Christian ) are invited. They handle the coaching session and after which the gospel is presented to the participants. Later a continuous follow up activity is being taken where various soul clinics are organized.

    (2)Campus ministry: The campus ministry mainly targeted for the school going the college going students. A common pay ground is identified where on daily basis training and fellowships are taking place. Through this ministry many unchurched have been churched.

    (3)Coaches Ministry: Some good Christian coaches in various disciplines are identified for whom the training on their discipline is given. Also an intensive training program is handled for the coaches teaching them how to reach the youth groups for the Lord and how to get them churched.

    (4) Community Ministry: various games and sporting activities are organized for the community in which we make the local churches to get involved such that it becomes a mission field for them to meet new souls and to have continuous fellowships with them.

    and i like to invite sports coaches and team to india for the mission trips whre theyu can coach in different schools ,colleges, univerisiteies and in local churches too. please let us know hear from you.

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