Meeting the LEAD interns: Yuslivia

The first thing that struck me in our conversation was that Yuslivia was remarkably articulate and mature for her age. Several times I felt like I was speaking with a sophomore in college, instead of a junior in high school. In hindsight I shouldn’t have been that surprised, all of the LEAD interns up to this point had been mature for their age.

Yuslivia is very much a humanities person. She writes for the newspaper at school. She is enjoys english and theatre classes. She likes reading—a lot.

“I’ve moved around a lot in my life. Moving opens you up to a lot of new things. I’ve always felt that that is good—hard—but good.”

However children are Yuslivia’s biggest passion. She discovered this passion while helpin her little brother with his homework. One thing led to another and she found herself tutoring at St. Francis to two times a week. As she’s begun to imagine what she wants to do with her life, she has discovered her tutoring and time with youth has  given her a desire to be a third grade school teacher.

In order to become a teacher Yuslivia aspires to go to university in L.A. She thinks it would be just far enough away from her family for her to be independent but close enough that the environment and people aren’t too different.

Her own teachers have been very encouraging in this newfound desire to teach third graders and it was this love for children that led Yuslivia to help with Bible club at the Pekary’s house. April was giving her a ride back to her house one day and told her about LEAD. It sparked her interest (especially the part about working with children) and she decided to apply. She looks forward to being challenged in making new friends, gaining skills to be a become a better leader and learning to help kids grow.