A safe place to grow up

We published a video a couple weeks ago that showed some younger students playing sports during recess as a result of the organization and leadership of some of our high school students. (Link to our video)

Little over a month ago, an article was published in the Mercury News reporting on the film submission of 14 youth from East Palo Alto to Cinequest’s “Picture the Possibilities” project (Link to Mercury News article). The project included submissions from youth from all over the world, from “Beijing to Mexico City to New York” and the article describes how the documentary made by the youth from East Palo Alto “struck the most powerful chord” by showing youth talking about violence in their neighborhood and their simple desire for a safe place to skateboard. You can watch the video below:

In more than a couple ways, the video above with its discussion of the effect of violence on youth, stands in a stark contrast to our own which shows kids playing sports and having fun. For us at RYAA the disconnection highlights the need for what we do: providing safe, positive and healthy activities for youth while walking alongside them in whatever situation they find themselves in. The children and youth of East Palo Alto deserve safe and constructive environments that equip them to be tomorrow’s leaders.


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