Avi Barrigan Speaks Up About How SUMMER LEAD Program Helped Her Realize She Does Make a Difference

The experience I had with lead was one of the most memorable in my life. They offered me so much and I benefited from the program more than others benefited from me: I made good friendships and had my first job experience. I learned so much, but the one thing that stuck with me most were the leadership classes.

Because it gave me a broader view of my community, this class stood out from all the other classes the program offered. LEAD helped me realize that I do make a difference, and I always can make a difference through the little things I do.

The program may seem like a simple first job experience, but it’s much more.  I could see that through all that Bay Shore ministries was doing for us: like taking us out to visit colleges or preview career options. They weren’t just giving us a few worthwhile classes, or a jobs for a few lucky teenagers, they were building up this community, 12 teenagers at a time.

– Avi Barrigan (Summer LEAD student in 2011)

High schoolers give back to community!

This past week youth from a local high schools came to Cesar Chavez Academy and helped put on sports programming during recess.  This was a true blessing because the equipment and organized nature of the sports is something unfamiliar to the school.  We join Amika in commending our young leaders and their efforts!
Having Shannon and RYAA high school volunteers these past two days of benchmark testing has been a blessing and gives me a taste of what recess can be, when there are organized games and sports to keep kids engaged.  I wish I could film it.  It’s really impressive seeing high school kids on spring break – giving their time and being engaging in this way – really great leaders for our community . If you see it, it can give you goosebumps!
Amika Maria Maran Guillaume
Principal, Cesar Chavez Academy & Green Oaks Academy

Children and Parents Really Are Interested in God’s Word

I wanted to share a quick story about indoor soccer last night. We were short-staffed, so I had to coach the 4 and 5 year olds (which, actually, I love to do!) Usually, in the middle of indoor soccer, we stop and have a short Bible lesson taught by my daughter and some girls from our teenage girls club.

Eight o’clock rolled around, and they weren’t there. As time went on, some of the parents started asking if we were going to have the club. I was expecting the kids to ask, but the parents were the ones who were asking. I was surprised. I sometimes wonder if parents think we are imposing on the time with our half-time Bible lessons. I couldn’t be more wrong.

The Bible club teachers finally arrived, and all the children moved to the center of the court for the lesson. It was great to see how much they concentrated on the lesson. They were really in to it.

After the lesson, I turned my back and called out to start the soccer games again. When I turned back around, there was a big circle or kids around the Bible club teachers. I called again and no one moved. I had forgotten that the children could recite last week’s Bible verse for a small prize. They all wanted to do it. It was another 10 minutes before I could get the soccer games going again. Thank you Lord for reminding me that people really ARE hungry for your Word!