Transforming Lives Through Sports and Gospel

A little over a week ago, God blessed the RYAA community with a generous gift of support by Louis Zamperini given through Menlo Park Presbyterian church.  We praise God for this gift and intend to use it to further our goal of building character, families, and faith.  We also commend Louis Zamperini and Menlo Park Presbyterian Church for their faithfulness in working towards transforming our community for Christ.

Mr. Zamperini’s story is quite extraordinary because his life was transformed by sports and by the gospel.  First as a youth, sports helped deliver Louis from his troubled life by giving him a constructive outlet.  Instead of continuing to get into fights – he transformed that energy to running and shortly thereafter he became an Olympian.  Years later, Louis would become a war hero during WWII as he survived terrible conditions and torture beyond all imagination.  However, even after these successes, something was still missing for Louis and his life was on the wrong track.  That is, until one fateful day when Louis began a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as a result of finding God at a Billy Graham tent meeting.  Louis said his life was “revolutionized in a moment.”  Since then Louis has been living the gospel and seeking to help others do the same.

We intend to use this gift in a way that honors God by enhancing our programs that teach dignity and responsibility in the context of sports by the power of the gospel. Our prayer is that many youth lives will be transformed by the power of the gospel and will in turn be inspired to become tomorrow’s leaders who will continue to generously give to their communities.

[See below for a news story to learn more about Louis Zamperini’s life]


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