Trial and Triumph in Leading and Coaching

As Jesus left the world, He left us with a commandment to take the gospel to all the nations and teach them to follow all that He commanded.  Many have understood this as a call to go to foreign countries for short or long term missions trips to preach the gospel.  But we have many needy people right here in our own home nation too!  Some need material needs, but everybody needs love.  We encourage people to see coaching as an opportunity to spread the gospel through planting the seeds of Christ’s love and hopefully the end result is that both yourself and the youth will become (in terms of character and love) more like the savior Jesus Christ!

RYAA Soccer coach Greg Ullom describes how coaching affected him and the youth he served:

Well,this season was filled with mixed feelings for me. That is not to say that the things that were tough were bad. Rather, they were opportunities to get better. The tough times were always accompanied with sweet individual moments with the kids. I found it very difficult to communicate the importance of of certain things like team work, Christ-like attitudes, and soccer skills when the kids were in a large group.  However, when I would be walking to the field – say during a water break – I was usually approached by a kid on my team who would alway be excited to share with me a piece of their day or some other nugget of personal information about there lives. The cool thing was that it wasn’t the same kid every time!

As I think back on the season, I believe I actually spent one-on-one time with every kid on my team.  And the cool thing is that they all seemed delighted to talk with me. Of course, there were some kids I got to know better than others. And through the season these were the glimmers of light that really kept me motivated. The other thing that helped to keep me motivated was that I felt, on a number of occasions, the Lord reminding me that I have no idea how my interactions with the kids was affecting them.  Therefore, He reminded me to keep a good attitude and stay aligned with Christ.

– Greg Ullom, RYAA Soccer Coach

That final line says it all.  For Coach Greg, the result was he had a motivating force for staying aligned with Christ.  Also in his personal relationships with the youth, he helped keep them aligned with Christ as well!  We are all unique members with varying gifts of the same body.  How does God want to use you and your gifts for His glory? Won’t you prayerfully consider if God is calling for your gifts to serve with the RYAA community?

If so, please contact us and we will help you answer that call.


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