Getting Up the Hill

Windy Hill
Windy Hill

I like to mountain bike to stay in some semblance of physical condition. There is a dirt road at the end of Portola Rd. in Portola Valley that is killer, and winds its way up through the Windy Hill Open Space Preserve. 1.6 miles, 1300 ft. up. In the middle of this climb are three brutal hills, one after the other. They are what I hate about this ride, and they are why I come.

These hills are just steep enough that I am in my lowest gear, but have to pump my legs hard to keep the bike going and keep from falling off the bike. Each hill ends with about 5 feet that is extra steep, where I need to lean forward as far as possible to keep from lifting the front tire and either falling sideways or flipping backwards. Each hill is just long enough that I can barely make it up with my legs screaming and chest pounding. I then get a brief rest while I slowly approach the next hill, and do it again. Yes, I am nuts.

As I approach each hill, the fear begins. I know this is going to hurt. As the climb begins, I start asking myself why am I doing this? Why not just walk the bike up the hill? Better yet, why don’t I just walk the bike down the hill and go get a latte!  And then I hear another voice, that says “You have done this before, you can do this again.” And I latch on to that voice to get me up the hill.

I have found my faith in Christ to be a lot like that hill. There are times where my faith is really challenged. Contemplating issues that challenge the authenticity of the Bible are tough. Also, when I have to confront someone, or apologize for something, I go in to freak out mode. I hate that.

And then I remember what my college pastor Jerry Lambert used to say, “Trust in the dark what you know to be true in the light.” He got that from his mentor Bob Munger, who I understand got that from his mentor before him. It helps me to remember the miracles around me, my wonderful family and seeing Christ change lives in the RYAA youth. And in particular, I remember the amazing work God has done in my life, and contemplate with awe and trembling what I might have been without Christ. And then I get a latte.

The Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God. – Romans 8:16


2 thoughts on “Getting Up the Hill

  1. Katherine December 20, 2011 / 9:50 am

    Thanks for this, Shannon. Do you know you come up #5 on Google search results for “Trust in the dark what you know to be true in the light” ? 🙂 A page before yours does attribute it to Bob Munger, and the others just plagiarize it in their sermons and don’t attribute it to anyone.

    Love the hill analogy. Just keep pedalling with determination, no matter how slowly…and make sure you’re not anaemic before you start the climb.

  2. Kathy Nava December 25, 2011 / 4:37 am

    I don’t remember a dirt road at the end of Portola Rd. I seem to remember that there is a parking lot so you can walk/ride your bike/ride your horse up Windy Hill. The parking lot is next to the Sequoias. One end of Portola Rd is at Alpine Rd and then it turns into Sand Hill Rd. Yes it is a climb. We have walked up it a couple of times. We hate it as we take water and there is no restroom along the path. The view is beautifu

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